Sleeping Beside Pets


Most people are ignorant of the role of sleep in our lives. That time in which the body is unconscious having the nervous system relaxed and there is less coordination of the voluntary muscles is essential. Without sleep, it is almost impossible to have proper brain development, repair of tissues and rid of wastes from the body. Sleep is vital after our day to day activities. That is why man is expected to spend at least one third of hi life sleeping. But there are specific cases in which it is almost impossible to sleep. If not there are times in which you can sleep for a few hours and your brain becomes alert again.

Insomnia is a term that is not new to many; most people experience this problem without knowing the remedy. If you are new to this term, let me give an insight to what insomnia is. Insomnia is a condition characterized by lack of sleep. You can lack sleep totally or have poor sleep. Poor sleep is sleeping for shorter hours than the expected sleep latency i.e. between six to eight hours. Insomnia can be caused by different factors. The factors are directly related to the stress they cause on the body and in turn affect the mind. This tends to increase the alertness of the brain and make the ability to sleep better reduced as day goes by.

There are various treatments of insomnia. You can decide to use herbs such as the valerian to improve sleep quality. You can decide to use medical marijuana especially if the insomnia is caused by pain in the body. You can decide to use music therapy to improve sleep quality and even use sleeping pills. One way that has often being ignored but can be able to male you sleep better is by sleeping beside a pet. Am sure you are wondering how your sleep is related to the pets. This article explains how your pet can make you enjoy your sleep.

Pets such as a dog or a cat are known to be man’s best friends. Most of us keep pets for fun and friendship. Very few know how important a pet is to your treatment of insomnia. Insomnia can be caused by stress related issues. Most of the times we feel stressed up and we feel like we need somebody to talk to. Having a pet beside you can act as a friend. Even though you will not get any response when you talk to a dog or a cat, that moment will provide you the opportunity to offload the burden on your chest. This will make you feel relaxed and in a matter of time, you will fall asleep with the pet beside you.

Insomnia can also be caused by fear due to insecurity. You might be scared especially if you are alone in a house. This will generate stress in your brain as you wonder what to do to improve your security. If you have a dog as a pet beside you, it will create the feeling of security which will make you sleep like a baby the whole night.

Pets are also known to be good companions. Sleeping beside a pet creates the feeling of companionship. You will feel more comfortable and less lonely when you sleep next to your cat or dog that when you sleep alone. Loneliness is one of the main causes of insomnia since it tends to create conflicting thoughts on your brain that can easily lead to stress and very soon lead to depression.

Before sleeping beside your pet, it is important to ensure that the pet is clean. Fleas can be a menace especially when you sleep. They can cause you to have irregular sleeping patterns. Apart from that, they are not good for your body. For those people experiencing breathing problems such as asthma sleeping next to a pet can be detrimental.  The fur from the pet especially the cats and the dogs can increase the levels of the allergy and the asthma which is dangerous for your health. Remember, having a pet as a friend and a companion is good for you and your sleep.


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